Monday, 14 September 2009


As those of you who read my urgent kidney appeal will know, I was busily exploring the possibility of selling human organs to raise the necessary funds to secure myself a copy of 'The Bava Bible', AKA Tim Lucas'"All The Colors Of The Dark", a subscription to Filmrage, and perhaps pick up a few of those out of print FAB Press books (which, somewhat perversely, are always the ones I really want on the subjects I am really interested in) which tend to go for obscene amounts on Ebay, even in the midst of a recession. (Was it you who won that auction for "Beyond Terror" on Ebay last night? If so, I hate you.)

Well, it looks like a gap has opened up in the human organ market with the arrest of the New Jersey Rabbis, who in addition to organ trafficking also hand their hands in money laundering too, which has me seriously rethinking my strategy. Sure, the ill-gotten gains from organ trafficking are surely rich pickings, but I can see the need to diversify my income streams. In addition to the above publications, I am also putting the finishing touches to my planned trip to Rome and subsequent shopping trip/all-out assault at Profondo Rosso which I foresee as being best summed up by one of the contributions of the esteemed Ennio Morricone to the soundtrack of one of the most unfalteringly groovy movies of all time, Danger: Diabolik!. Yes, we are talking the proverbial Money Orgy here, baby!

Anyway, whilst it's always nice to see one's erstwhile competitors come unstuck, I found this sordid tale to be doubly interesting because one of the morality-challenged Rabbis bears more than a passing resemblance to the vampire character played by maverick director (and Asylum alumnus) Leigh Scott in "Dracula's Curse" (appears at about the 26 second mark in the trailer). Beady eyes, long white hair, daft hat, slightly's all there!

(Leigh Scott is on the right)

Will we see a new wave of horror movies in the as-yet unexplored Rabbinical organ-stealing subgenre? Anything's got to be better than the endless procession of insipid and uninspiring remakes that currently blight our screens, large and small.

Oh, and while we're on the subject of "Dracula's Curse"(is it just me, or does this title sound unfortunately like a coarse euphemism for a lady's monthly troubles?), here's a video of one of the stars (Eliza Swenson) performing under her nom de plume of 'Victoria Mazze' with her band The Divine Madness.
To my eye, she resembles a slightly hotter version of Eliza Dushku. More clearly delineated facial bone structure and so on.

Now, who wants to buy a lightly spoiled kidney then?

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