Monday, 22 November 2010

A Brief Update...

First off, apologies for not posting in so long. I've recently had both of my computers go haywire, plus I've been experimenting with a new format for posting reviews on the blog. Rather than type them straight into Blogger, I'm going to complete them in another application and then just copy and paste them.

The problem with Blogger is that you save something, come back to it and finish it off, or post something new inbetween finishing it, and it gets posted in the date order you started it, ergo the 'newest' post may actually crop up in the archives rather than front and centre. There have actually been updates to this blog, but due to the dating system, you could be forgiven for missing them and thinking it was not the case.

In spite of all that, I haven't simply been sat around doing bugger all. In fact, I've been rather's what I've been up to:

1)Writing reviews for the Combat Film section of Combat Magazine. They keep me well stocked with interesting screeners, some of which I shall also be reviewing here in a more in-depth fashion. Aside from getting my (real) name and work in print, it has also provided me with the opportunity to get my reviews quoted on DVD sleeves and even on TV adverts!

2)Getting the ball rolling on my new blog project Read, Review, Bid Adieu, wherein I am undertaking to re-read, review, and then get rid of my massive comics collection one book at a time. Feel free to drop by and enjoy my reminiscences, recollections, remorse and regret as I slowly whittle my comics collection away, bit by bit.

I kicked the whole thing off with a bang with San Diego Comic Con Comics #2 (the very rare and very valuable first ever appearance of Hellboy!). Yes, the first cut is the deepest, but if I can bring myself to sell that, I shouldn't have any problems parting with the rest of my collection...or should I?

Tune in and find out for yourself. It promises to be an excruciatingly embarrassing experience as I try to recall what motivated me to buy certain books and so forth.

3)Visiting the set of the upcoming film 'On The Ropes' and interviewing the principals behind it. Look for a report to appear in Combat magazine shortly...

So remember, anything cool and genre-related you might have that needs reviewing, send it my way! Just drop me an email for the details. I have to say that I am more than a little shocked and disappointed not to have been deluged by a flurry of no-budget zombie or slasher movies yet. If you know someone who knows someone who's making a zero budget horror flick, send them my way, dammit!

Also, I don't just review movies...I can (and do) read books as well. Frankly, I'm game for anything. Having said that, the only offers I've had to review stuff on my blog have come from a software company, whose products aren't remotely genre or exploitation related. Must I be reduced to that? I hope not, but on the plus side they are promising me a full version of the software if I publish a good review. Shall I prostitute myself so? I may not need or have use for my software, but perhaps the whole thing would make good fodder for my CV (or 'resume' for our Americanese-spesaking readers).

In the meantime, I'm gearing up to drop one of my 'new format' articles on the blog...a Johannes Roberts retrospective. It's gonna be a doozy!