Friday, 22 May 2009


To quote the immortal line, "What's wrong with this picture?".

Firstly, it's "Spider-Man", not "Spiderman". They have at least got this right on the UK poster.

Most importantly, if you were some hotshot Hollywood marketing exec, and you had a horror flick by Sam Raimi to promote, would you really choose Spider-Man from Raimi's back catalogue to promote it with? I mean, correct me if I'm wrong (...and I'm not. I never am.), but didn't Raimi helm the Evil Dead trilogy, the first of which scared the living shit out of the kindly censors over at the BBFC? Yes, I believe he did.

Do today's moviegoers really have such a goldfish-like attention span that you have to namecheck a more recent movie in favour of a more apt one, or is it just a case of the Hollywood brain trust thinking it is so?

Me personally, I'm looking forward to getting one of them there posters for Robert Rodriguez' "Machete" flick, hopefully with the legend "From The Director Of Spy Kids" proudly emblazoned upon it. After all, it's not like they're going to acknowledge the fact he directed "Planet Terror" now, are they...?

I should add, no knock on the movie itself (which I haven't seen yet) as I've heard encouraging things about it, but whoever thought "From The Director Of Spider-Man" was a good idea needs to be dragged to Hell (or perhaps a conveniently located alleyway somewhere) and have their teeth knocked out.

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